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We negotiate with your bosses on your behalf. And we put pressure on the politicians to improve the conditions for workers. Together our influence grows stronger.

With 60 000 members, 2 000 shop stewards and a staff of more than 90 people, we fight for you. Collective agreement or not, you will no longer stand alone.

By-laws of Industri Energi 2014-2018

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Insurance you can count on

Thanks to our union members we offer you what may be the best insurance policies on the market. Travel insurance, house insurance – all you need to stay safe.

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The membership gives you access to legal help, at work and at home. Our people will stand up for you.

There is no hourly fee or costs upfront. If you’re going to court or just need some guidance, your lawyer will help you.

A good retirement plan

Do you need some help to plan your retirement? And would like to know when should withdraw from your working life?

Then let our planners help you.

Free courses and educational support

To help you adapt and grow we offer free courses. We also offer scholarships and support you through education.

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Wage and work terms

Questions related to your terms? Find your trade agreement (most of them are in Norwegian only, but some are also in English)

About the union

Industri Energi is a free and independent LO union – at the service of its members.

We do not give money to political parties. We have over 2000 shop stewards and more than 90 employees who want what is best for you. And we know our sectors.

You can come by our offices in Oslo or Stavanger – we offer membership at all company levels.

The day you need help you can count on us.

  • Saipem Ltd committing social dumping on the Norwegian shelf

    "ROV-company Saipem Limited engage in social dumping when abusing the intention of the regulations on Free movement of labour within the European Economic Area (EEA). In doing so, the company obtain a competitive advantage" says OSA-inspector Wayne Pena in Industri Energi.

  • Joint venture to strengthen helicopter safety on both sides of the North Sea

    "We agree to formalize a collaboration between the trade unions in Norway and the UK that will contribute to increased helicopter safety throughout the North Sea" says Henrik Solvorn Fjeldsbø, National Officer in Industri Energi and chair of LO's helicopter committee.

  • The Helicopter Committee got to test-fly next generation offshore helicopter

    LO's Helicopter Committee went to Texas at the end of August to test-fly the newly developed offshore helicopter Bell 525 Relentless. “We are happy to be among the very first to fly this machine because it gives us a unique opportunity to contribute,” says Henrik S. Fjeldsbø, head of the Helicopter Committee.

  • No strike on the mobile rigs, members get solid pay rise

    Industri Energi and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association have, in mediation, agreed on a result that gives employees on the mobile offshore units a solid increase in salary. Thus, the announced strike at the mobile offshore units is called off.

  • Prosafe drives social dumping on a large scale

    “Prosafe cuts at least 150 employees and offers to hire them back with 40 percent lower wages. This is large-scale social dumping” says National Secretary Asle Reime and Negotiator Fraser Knox in Industri Energi.