Break in the wage negotiations in the mobile units agreement

onsdag 25. mai 2016

– We tried to reach a responsible settlement in line with the difficult situation of the oil industry. However, the employers showed no willingness to reach an agreement and unfortunately we saw no other solution than to break the negotiations, says Asle Reime, leader of the negotiations for Industri Energi.

Flyterigg forhandlinger 2016

At 23.20 Tuesday 24th of May 2016 there was a break in negotiations between Industri Energi and The Norwegian Shipowners Association on the mobile units agreement. 5000 Industri Energi members are covered by the agreement.

Industri Energi presented the the LO/NHO-“frontfag” model in Norwegian wage determination as basis for the negotiations. This presentation was of a moderate and cost neutral settlement.

– We made our best efforts to be solution orientated and have a good dialogue with the other party, but they never really came to the table, says Asle Reime.

The settlement will now go to the mediation at the State Mediator in Oslo. We will come back with the time and date as soon as it is announced.

Industri Energi negotiations committee

From Industri Energi central:

Asle Reime (leader of the negotiations)
Øyvind Hopland
Gro Losvik

Shop stewards:

Morten Evenby, 4Service Offshore
Roald Hammer, Archer
Oddvin Andreassen, Archer
Bjørn Rimereit, Archer
Chris Dale, COSL Drilling Europe
Espen Kristoffersen, Dolphin Drilling
Per Holstein, ESS Mobile Offshore Units
Finn Arne Follestad, Island Offshore
Frode Larsen, Maersk Drilling
Bår Inge Pedersen, Maersk Drilling
Jørn B. Hansen, Maersk Drilling
Irene Sandhåland, NOC
Silje Eikesdal, NOC
Arild Berntsen, North Atlantic Crew
Kenneth Drageide, North Atlantic Crew
Thomas Hyllmark, Ocean Rig North Sea
Tor Bjarte Jacobsen, Odfjell Drilling
Glen Bjørheim, Odfjell Drilling
Morten Sundsbak, Odfjell Drilling
Fraser Knox, Prosafe
Stein Thore Haga, Rowan
Robert Jaques de Vries, Saipem S.P.A
Roar Johansen, Saipem S.P.A
Leif Harall Salomonsen, Sodexo Mobile Units
Jan Helge Haugsbakk, Sodexo Mobile Units
Tor Inge Lillestøl, Songa Services
Svein Markeset, Songa Services
Wayne Pena, Stena Drilling
Jan Hågensen, Transocean Drilling