Consensus at mediation on the offshore settlement

onsdag 6. juli 2016

Industri Energi and Norwegian Oil and Gas Association agreed on Friday night on the offshore settlement. The agreement involves promotions and addition of about NOK 15 000 in total.

Leif Sande

So, there will be no strike by members of Industri Energi on the Norwegian continental shelf. The Operator-, drilling- and catering agreements covers approximately 4000 offshore employees.

– The solution is a lot cheaper than the framework of the Norwegian “Frontfag” model, but also much higher than what we obtained at the negotiations with the The Norwegian Shipowners Association. We have decided to accept the result in order to avoid an offshore conflict, says union leader Leif Sande as a comment.

Sande has led the negotiations for Industri Energi.

– The mediation was challenging because the mediator put forward a proposed solution below the framework of the front trade’s, a proposal which the two other organizations, Leaders and Safe accepted. This put us in a difficult situation, elaborates Sande.

He is extremely unhappy with the mediator efforts.

– We had expected that a mediator was more loyal to the framework of the Frontfag model, says Sande.

The settlement consists of a general increase of NON 12 218, additionally a promotion of the position of Derrickman up to wage group B1. For employees in operators companies who will have local bargaining there is a  minimum wage guarantee of NOK 9 100. Night shift allowance and Conference Supplement are increased by NOK 1, 50.

– Moreover, we have agreed to establish several committees and Industri Energi have particularly great expectations for the committee that will make a minimum standard for union work within the scopes of the tariff agreements, says Sande.

The counterparty did not obtain support for any of their claims during the mediation.

The parties came to an agreement at 03:55 Friday night July 2nd.

Leader of Union Leif Sande, mobile phone: 901 10 701
National Officer Jørn Erik Bøe, mobilephone: 992 50 964

Negotiating committees on the OBF-Agreements 2016

From Union centrally:
Leif Sande
Jørn Erik Bøe
Christopher Birknes

Operator Agreament:
Lill- Heidi Bakkerud            Statoil
Per Labråthen                     Statoil
Per Steinar Stamnes          Statoil
Geir Nilsen                           Statoil
Geir Stensgårdbakken       Conoco Phillips
Rolf Bolstad                         Conoco Phillips
Marius Eriksen                    Det Norske Oljeselskap
Martha Skjæveland            ENI
Thomas Waage                   BP
Atle Wadstensvik                Shell
Roger Haugland                 Wintershall

Catering Agreement:
Leif Harald Salomonsen Sodexo Remote Sites
Per Holstein                         ESS
Jan Åge Olsvik                    ESS
Herdis Eide                          Coor
Morten Flister                       Coor

Drilling Companies Agreement:
Tore Hegerberg                   KCA Deutag
Jan Inge Olsen                    KCA Deutag

Frank Gundersen               Total
Oddvin Andreassen           Archer AS