Even in times of crisis, we cannot accept weakening of working conditions

torsdag 26. mai 2016

The Employers showed no willingness to meet our responsible and moderate claims for the mobile units agreement. Industri Energi are hopeful for constructive mediation, thus avoiding a strike in an already difficult time.

Mobile units wage negotiations 2016

Asle Reime
Negotiations leader for Industri Energi on Mobile units agreement, Asle Reime.

Wage negotiations for the mobile units agreement, which started on Tuesday 24th May and ended with a break Wednesday 25th May at 23.20.

Industri Energi is well aware that the oil industry is going through a very difficult period. We therefore went to the negotiating table with moderate claims and expectations.

Counterpart, the NSA, was not at all willing to meet us. This is why ourself and SAFE, were forced to break off the negotiations Wednesday, 25th may

– The claims of the employers would have taken from our members, rights they have aquired in the agreement today and led to a significant affect on available income, says negotiations leader for Industri Energi on Mobile units agreement, Asle Reime.

In summary the main reasons why negotiations broke:

∙ The shipowners would not discuss our moderate and virtually cost-neutral claims – but came however with counterclaims that would weaken our members’ income and aquired rights.
∙ We never got a real salary offer.
∙ They also would not accept even though IndustriEnergi over a long time through an agreed committee and previous dialogue with the NSA helped formulate proposals on the new pension and insurance that is very cost effective for the industry.