Industri Energi condemns the terrorist attacks in Beirut, Paris, Egypt and elsewhere

mandag 16. november 2015

Industri Energi is shaken and appalled by the suicide bombings and terrorist attacks that have taken place in several countries the last months. Last July, over a hundred Egyptians were killed by IS attacks. Last month, a hundred more were killed from a bombing in Ankara, Turkey, and it is probable that the Russian airplane accident in Sinai was a terrorist attack as well.

We were still shocked by the two suicide bombings which killed over 40 people and left injured more than 180 people in southern Beirut on Thursday, when we got the news of a series of brutal assaults in Paris on Friday evening that have killed at least 129 people and left injured hundreds more. Those despicable attacks authored by members of the so-called Islamic State, have taken once more hundreds of victims and have brought pain and deep distress to numerous families and communities.

We grieve with our comrades in France, Lebanon, Russia, Egypt and the rest of the world over these meaningless attacks, and offer our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the victims and their bereaved families.

These attempts are directed against all peace-loving people and against everything that is human dignity, mutual respect and tolerance. The terrorists must never be successful. We won’t be intimidated and driven into hatred and misanthropy. We stand for freedom, solidarity and democratic societies. And we refuse to be diverted to the road of radicalism and xenophobia.