Notice of the 3rd National Congress of Industri Energi, 28th – 30th April 2017

tirsdag 25. oktober 2016

The National Congress of Industri Energi will be held 28th to 30th April 2017 at the Oslo Congress Centre (LO-building). Meeting starts at 10am, Friday 28th April and closes on Sunday 30th April 17pm.

Preliminary Agenda

1 – Constitution
2 – Reports and Accounts
3 – Proposals
4 – Statutes
5 – Elections
6 – Financial Support
7 – Closing


Proposals from local departments/unions must be received no later than 25th December 2016. Proposals can be submitted to Industri Energi via a special form.

More information about this will be given later on our “Landsmøte” web site. Final agenda with proposals received will be sent out to all local unions by 28th February 2017. Notice of elected delegates must be sent no later than 25th March 2017.

Notification of elected delegates and alternate delegates can be made via the “Landsmøte page” on our web pages.


The Congress consist of up to 300 representatives in addition to the National Board (Landsstyre) members.

All unions/departments with at least 50 working members are entitled to representation. Beyond this, the departments are entitled to a number relative to the number of working members (see statutes, article § 6.3).

Representation is based on the number of working members as of the 25th October 2017. As “working” is considered to be any of the following membership categories: Full Paying Members, Apprentices, NAV (absentees members drawn NAV), Active Free (student members in their first two years of their first job after study), Laid off (laid-off workers with ties to the company), Military (military service) and a few people in the group, Honorary Members.

We also refer to the statutes, article § 6.6 and 6.7 for rules regarding eligibility and election procedures in the local unions/departments.

30 delegates are reserved for unions/departments with less than 50 members. These delegates are apportioned between the union’s cooperation committees (Samarbeidskomiteer) in relation to working members in unions/departments with less than 50 members in each committee. The election of these delegates shall be made at conferences in the individual cooperation committees by 15th March, where all the relevant unions/departments should be given the opportunity to participate. The election shall be made by and among unions/departments with less than 50 members.

Calculation and notification of delegate numbers will take place in November for each union/department. Cooperation committees will be notified of the number of delegates from small unions/departments within their areas.

Election to the Union Bodies

A preparatory election committee has been set up for the election of the union’s governing bodies which will take place at the Congress. This is led by Elna Nybakk with the Committee Secretary being Espen Løken (


Inquiries or questions may be sent to