All about the political strike January 28

fredag 9. januar 2015

Industri Energi with notice of political action for all members against the government’s proposed changes to the Working Environment Act at January 28 from 14:00 to 16.00 hours.

The LO-Secretariat decided at 8th of December 2014 to carry out a political strike against the government’s proposed changes to the Working Environment Act at 28 January from 14:00 to 16:00 hours.

Industri Energi is requesting the local branches to follow up the strike action. 1.5 million members who are organized in LO, YS and Unio will go on strike that day. There will be joint public demonstrations in the big cities.

Background of the strike

– If the government’s proposals are adopted, more than one in four workers may be temporarily employed. This means a full deregulation, which we must respond to, says LO leader Gerd Kristiansen.

The Government proposes that the employers freely may choose whether the next new employee shall be temporary or permanently employed. The limit for «new temps” is set at 15 percent. This is additional to those that are temporarily employed today, which in turn represents approximately 10 per cent of the total number of employees.

– This actually means a full deregulation, and contrary to the experience of other countries, all advice the government has received from the trade unions, the government’s own expert agencies and research institutions. It is the greatest revolution of Norwegian working life for many decades, says the LO leader.

A united labour movement must say no

The Government has reversed before, but always after a massive popular revolt. The size of our resistance to the amendments is related to the likelihood that the Government will reverse on their proposed amendments. We shall therefore demonstrate our resounding no to weakening of rights that we have fought for over one hundred years. As employee representatives, we all have a responsibility to support the political strike.

Political rallies

There will be demonstrations in all the major cities in Norway. These will be arranged and coordinated by LOs regional offices. See for more information about the campaigns. All members and shop stewards are asked to participate!

Obligation of the local branch - Notify your employer

The Basic Agreement § 3-14 provides for political demonstrations (political strikes). Industri Energi has submitted (01/06/2015) a general notice of strike to the national associations and all businesses we hold affiliation agreements with. The local branches must also notify their employer. The aim of the advance notification and any subsequent discussion is to give the involved parties the time and opportunity to make preparations so that the action does not interfere with ordinary operations to a larger extent than necessary.

Duty of the local branch - Mobilization

It is the local branches that are primarily responsible for mobilizing and coordinating the strike at their local workplace. Where it is possible the local branches are encouraged to provide transportation to the local demonstration. Workplaces with shift workers are encouraged to initiate their own markups / demonstrations for their members who are at work that day. Remember that this is a joint support rally across LO’s unions, and YS / SAFE / Parat.

Duty of the local branch - Training

It is important that all our members get proper information about why we initiate political strikes. We encourage all local branches to do a proper job on information, then the chances of success are greater. Are you uncertain about the background to the strike please check out the web sites or

Information materials

Industri Energi strike poster for the political strike 28 January 2015.

Industri Energi will provide information and materials for the political strike.

Order campaign materials here.

Questions aboutthe politicalstrikemay be directed to e-mail: or call connected on telephone 02390.

If you are calling from abroad: +47 22032200

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