The branches and companies must coordinate and ensure that offshore workers have a situation in which it is possible to live

onsdag 23. september 2020

-Many employees who work on the Norwegian shelf are in a completely unreasonable and unsustainable situation, where some live almost continuously in quarantine, says deputy leader Lill-Heidi Bakkerud in Industri Energi.

Lill Heidi Bakkerud.
Lill-Heidi Bakkerud, deputy leader in Industri Energi.

The feedback Industri Energi receives indicates that many experience a very demanding and unsustainable situation in connection with various corona measures, which in large are determined by the companies without involvement of the union representatives and safety delegates of the impact and risk assessments of these measures.

-Some people live almost constantly in quarantine whilst not at work, while others are in quarantine during their leisure time onboard the installation, some can undergo testing as an alternative to quarantine while others cannot, different travel regulations at home and from abroad depending on their company creates great frustration and many questions, says Lill-Heidi Bakkerud who is deputy leader of Industri Energi.

Experiences are difficult and unfair

Of course, Industri Energi is concerned with safeguarding infection control measures done in a responsible manner; it is in everyone’s interest.

-But we cannot have it as it currently stands, where the companies’ own rules diverge in different directions. For the subcontractors, it is particularly difficult when employees get exposed to different quarantine regimes, depending on which clients the company is working for, says Bakkerud.

Continuous dialogue with employers

She emphasises that Industri Energi is in dialogue with the employers with the aim of establishing common co-ordinated rules for the industry. So far it has proved difficult.

-In our opinion, the industry cannot continue with different ways of dealing with the situation, it leads to issues and contributes to the attention of employees being elsewhere than where there focus should be. We are concerned that this will affect safety and a safe working environment.

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