The wage matrix is secured, the strike in oil service is terminated

torsdag 13. oktober 2016

– After three weeks on strike Industri Energi won acceptance for the claim to even out the wage differentials between employees working in oil service and other oil workers, said the lead negotiator of Industri Energi, Ommund Stokka.

Ommund Stokka, Lead Negotiator on OSA (Oil Service Agreement).

On Tuesday the parties in the settlement for the oil service industry reached an agreement. Thus the strike in the oil service is terminated.

– We obtained a permanent change in the wage matrix that will be a benefit to our members, says lead negotiator in Industri Energi, Ommund Stokka.

In ten years, a skilled worker could earn up to NOK 199 000 more from our settlement than from the SAFE settlement.

– This represents a formidable increase for skilled workers under the oil service agreement compared to what we initially were offered.

The oil service agreement secured

Stokka says that it is not possible to explain this year’s settlement for the oil service without saying anything about the competitor SAFE.

– SAFE has at this wage settlement often explained that they were in the driver’s seat during the negotiations. In reality they have stolen our «OSA-car», and then drove it into the ditch. We had to bring it back up again, make a visit to a garage before we could drive through the finishing line. Naturally, the car has scratches after being treated this way, he says.

The settlement means that employees under the scope of the Oil Service Agreement receive a general increase in wages from the termination of the strike of NOK 3 100. From 1st January 2017, our members will obtain a further NOK 9 100. This is in lieu of a seniority increment.

Industri Energi has also got acceptance for the claim for identical increase in the night shift allowance as was obtained under the agreements for operator / drilling / catering, ie NOK 1.50 per hour.

– This was fundamentally important to our negotiating committee. It is equally stressful for a worker in the oil service to work nights as it is for the other oil workers, explains Stokka.

From 1st January 2018 a new wage grade will be established in the matrix groups B and C. This means that the top salary will increase by another NOK 12 000 during the collective agreement term. Additonally, we have agreed on a text covering local negotiations, and to discuss a new level in group A next year.

Unacceptable to discuss working patterns

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association succeeded this summer in getting SAFE to participate in a binding committee on working patterns. A committee where it is agreed that our working patterns is a cost driver.

It was unacceptable for Industri Energi to join.

– Instead we shall sit down with the employers to improve the salary matrix for the oil service personnel. This will be prepared and ready for the wage settlement in 2018, if our members so decides, says Stokka.

– We will also discuss the shop steward arrangements within the scope of the Oil Service Agreement during this term. The oil service sector is particularly hit hard by the downturn in the oil industry, and it is important that there exists a strong support for shops stewards in the Companies.

Wish for a democratic process

Industri Energi wants to ensure a democratic process in the development of our wages and working conditions. Therefore the result is balloted to our members.

– We hope all will participate in the ballot. The Negotiating Committee recommend our members to vote ‘yes’ to the settlement, says Stokka.

He is thanking everyone who have contributed during the strike.

– Many have done an incredible effort during this strike. In particular I would like to highlight all and everyone who took to the picket line and have done a fantastic job at heliports from Hammerfest in the north to Sola in the south. Without you, we would not have been succeessful, says Ommund Stokka.