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19. mars 2020

Corona situation and membership in Industri Energi upon layoff

In connection with the situation around the corona virus and layoffs, there has been many questions from our members about membership and union dues.

30. januar 2020

Saipem Ltd committing social dumping on the Norwegian shelf

"ROV-company Saipem Limited engage in social dumping when abusing the intention of the regulations on Free movement of labour within the European Economic Area (EEA). In doing so, the company obtain a competitive advantage" says OSA-inspector Wayne Pena in Industri Energi.

20. desember 2019

Joint venture to strengthen helicopter safety on both sides of the North Sea

"We agree to formalize a collaboration between the trade unions in Norway and the UK that will contribute to increased helicopter safety throughout the North Sea" says Henrik Solvorn Fjeldsbø, National Officer in Industri Energi and chair of LO's helicopter committee.

20. september 2019

The Helicopter Committee got to test-fly next generation offshore helicopter

LO's Helicopter Committee went to Texas at the end of August to test-fly the newly developed offshore helicopter Bell 525 Relentless. “We are happy to be among the very first to fly this machine because it gives us a unique opportunity to contribute,” says Henrik S. Fjeldsbø, head of the Helicopter Committee.

1. juli 2019

No strike on the mobile rigs, members get solid pay rise

Industri Energi and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association have, in mediation, agreed on a result that gives employees on the mobile offshore units a solid increase in salary. Thus, the announced strike at the mobile offshore units is called off.

1. februar 2019

Prosafe drives social dumping on a large scale

“Prosafe cuts at least 150 employees and offers to hire them back with 40 percent lower wages. This is large-scale social dumping” says National Secretary Asle Reime and Negotiator Fraser Knox in Industri Energi.

26. oktober 2017

17 members win court case against Trinity Nordic

Stavanger District Court ruled in favour of Industri Energi on all 17 points of its case against Trinity Nordic. The case concerned the right to an extended notice period.

19. mai 2017

Scottish oil worker: «Without Industri Energi I would have been ruined today»

«Without the help I have received from Industri Energi, I would have been ruined and probably ended up on the street» said Dale McAngus, who earlier this year crushed his foot while working on the Norwegian continental shelf.

22. desember 2016

Trinity Management has left the building?

With the loss of its catering contract, the General Manager of Trinity Nordic has pulled the plug of communication with the employees as well. The local club is frustrated that it can’t get a hold of General Manager Nils Olsen, who has probably made other arrangements for his own future work without announcing it.

19. desember 2016

DNO forced to pay workers

The Norwegian oil company DNO has not paid its workers in Yemen since last summer. A court in Sanaa has ruled to seize DNOs bank accounts, cars and property in order to pay back the workers. -A correct verdict, says Industri Energi who warns against future cooperation with DNO.

25. oktober 2016

Notice of the 3rd National Congress of Industri Energi, 28th – 30th April 2017

The National Congress of Industri Energi will be held 28th to 30th April 2017 at the Oslo Congress Centre (LO-building). Meeting starts at 10am, Friday 28th April and closes on Sunday 30th April 17pm.

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