Possible clarification concerning calculation of wages during during layoffs

onsdag 6. desember 2017

Since the winter of 2015/16, many companies within NR mobile rig’s wage agreement scale have changed practice when paying out the ten mandatory days of wages prior to leave of absence. They have based this on reference to the Layoff Salary Act, which they believe refers to the limitation imposed by the National Insurance Act on payment only up to 6G, as is the case for sick pay. Industri Energi has contested this from day 1.

The case is disputed by several unions, including SAFE, which was given a date in the District Court before us, and won the case. SAFE’s win meant that employers have to pay full wages for their ten mandatory days of wages, which is good news for us all. We congratulate SAFE on their victory, and hope that the case will become legally enforceable and not appealed. 

At this time, we have issued warnings of legal proceedings to ten companies, where our members have not received in full the wages we believe they are entitled to. LO juridiske will follow-up on behalf of all Industri Energi members involved.